Our Privacy Policy

We, ALMEX TECHNOLOGIES Inc. recognize the importance of personal
information protection and strive for it based on the following policy.
  • Almex Technologies Privacy Policy
    This privacy policy shall be for all personal information (information about an individual) which can be identified an individual. We collect and use personal information in an appropriate manner under a proper controlling. However, this privacy policy explains the fundamental idea and policy of personal information about an artificial person (except for the information about our members included in the information of others).
  • Purpose of Use
    We shall collect and use personal information for the purpose of communication and business operations by fair and proper way. We also collect and use personal information of our employees for a management and never use it beyond the purpose above.
  • Share and Entrustment
    We do not provide personal information to third parties except for share and entrustment and the case within the regulation about the personal information protection.
  • Compliance
    We not only observe laws and regulations related with the personal information protection and others, but also treat personal information properly. Moreover, we also give recognition to the importance of the personal information protection to our board members and employees with the compliance program (this privacy policy) which has maintained and improved continuously. We certainly release the statement in this privacy policy and our company website when we have improved the compliance program.

  • This privacy policy created on October 2, 2006.

    September 1st, 2007
    President and CEO
    Masahide Watanabe